• Importance of LB elections in NWFP – August 2005

    // Importance of LB elections in NWFP           After the announcement of elections by the Government of Pakistan, candidates and parties have begun the process of preparing for the forthcoming elections. LBs occupy a central pillar in the President's reform agenda for the nation. It would not be wrong to say that the time and effort spent on this one..

  • Amendment to FCR: functioning of the committee

    // The FCR committee constituted by the NWFP Governor, has held three working sessions so far. In the mean time, reports have appeared in the media, regarding the working of the committee.        This article indicates the trends in the committee and gives an idea of the types of issues confronting it. Although the committee will formalize its final recommendations..

  • The Mukhtaran Mai Decision

    // Finally, the Supreme Court had to step in to purge us from the embarrassing failure of state and society in the Mai case. The system failed at the societal level when none stepped in to stop the debasement of a woman; the police failed to prevent the panchayat members from ordering the commission of a crime; after the crime..

  • Local government Reforms 2001

    // Clearly when the threat of war loomed over Pakistan after 9/11 it was perhaps the worst of the times to usher in risky reforms that attempted to re-organize security. There is reason to believe that Gen Musharraf did not undertake this reform for altruistic reasons. He wanted to do two things that every military dictator in Pakistan has desired..

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