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khalid Aziz

Khalid Aziz is a former civil service officer, having more than 30 years experience with an outstanding service record in various jobs under the federal and provincial governments. He headed the NWFP Planning, Environment & Development Department for six years and played a major role in transforming NWFP. He also headed the province as its Chief Secretary. After government service he started his own development consultancy firm in 2003. He writes extensively on the region.

Agenda for Fata Reform

Download Agenda For FATA Reforms.pdf Agenda for Fata reformDownload     Monitor Beasts Outdoor Projector

Return of TDPs

THE global handling of security challenges is causing immense secondary problems related to the mass migration of populations from war zones to countries at peace such as those in the European Union. According to the UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, about 70 million war-displaced persons are seeking entry to the EU. Out of the additionalRead More »Return of TDPs

The approaching offensive

ACROSS the world, spring is associated with rejuvenation and rebirth after a burdensome winter. Yet this logic skips Afghanistan. Here spring has been associated with death since 2003. One of the unintended consequences of the long military operation in Afghanistan has been its emulative nature; the adversary, in this instance the Taliban, has learnt theRead More »The approaching offensive

Turmoil in the Muslim world‏

I WAS fortunate enough to participate in a meeting of experts organised by the West Asia-North Africa (Wana) forum in Jordan earlier this month to study the situation in this critical region. The initiative was begun in 2009 by Prince Hassan bin Talal, regarded as one of the foremost progressive thinkers of the region. TheRead More »Turmoil in the Muslim world‏
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