The end game in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s opportunity

// When President Obama took office he ordered an interagency policy review of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The recommendations emerging from this policy review were issued in a White Paper in March 2009. The US is improvising its policy in Afghanistan based on this review and Obama's subsequent policy interventions including the commitment to increase theRead More »The end game in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s opportunity

US framework for peace

// US SECRETARY of State Hillary Clinton delivered the Holbrooke Memorial Address at the Asia Society in New York on Feb 18. Here she outlined a comprehensive plan to end the Afghan war. The plan includes the initiation of a diplomatic surge in addition to military operations. According to the plan the goal of theRead More »US framework for peace

Address at the launching of the tele drama on 13th March 2010 at the Marriot, Islamabad

// Chief Guest, friends, ladies and gentlemen  It gives me great pleasure to welcome you on behalf of FATA secretariat and FATA CBP this evening. Before the program starts may I request everyone to please stand and observe 1 minute of silence as a mark of solidarity for all those who have become target of terrorism inRead More »Address at the launching of the tele drama on 13th March 2010 at the Marriot, Islamabad

Hubris or lack of wisdom?

// SOMETIMES one is stunned by Washington’s lack of vision in handling critical policy matters concerning its ally Pakistan. Just when patience was needed for the Pakistanis’ anger to subside over the release of Raymond Davis, we heard of multiple drone strikes that killed more than 40 persons attending a jirga in Datta Khel, NorthRead More »Hubris or lack of wisdom?

Back to square one

// PAKISTAN’S success against militants can be judged from the result of its operations in Swat that began on May 12, 2009 when the military was ordered to restore the writ of the state. Subsequently, the region was stabilised under the military’s management, permitting the return of more than 500,000 displaced residents. After the initialRead More »Back to square one

Stabilisation of Afghanistan

// AT the Nato conference in Lisbon last November, the alliance resolved to start withdrawal from Afghanistan beginning 2014. One proposal gaining attention is mooted by a former US ambassador to India, Robert Blackwill, the neoconservative mainstay of the US think tank establishment and a lobbyist for India. His security framework is called `Plan B:Read More »Stabilisation of Afghanistan

UK’s diversity and identity

// BRITISH Prime Minister David Cameron made an astonishing and alarming statement at a recent security conference in Munich that is set to change both Britain`s policy of multiculturalism and the `prevent` approach that lays down the method of dealing with Islamist formations in Britain. Cameron`s remarks, in all probability, will light the fire ofRead More »UK’s diversity and identity

Robocop meets Baitullah Mehsud

// During the past week or so, militants have carried out serious attacks in Peshawar and nearby Jamrud in Khyber agency. It included the unfortunate murder of development worker Stephen Vance, the kidnapping of an Iranian diplomat, a botched kidnapping of two journalists one of them Japanese, a suicide attack at the gates of theRead More »Robocop meets Baitullah Mehsud