Afghan warlords forgive themselves!

// On the 1st of February 2007, the lower house of the Afghan parliament, the Wolesi Jirga, composed of 249 members passed a resolution declaring amnesty for war crimes and crimes against humanity during 1978-2001, Afghan wars. These crimes include genocide, rape and murder. 35 members of the Wolesi jirga voted against the resolution.            Read More »Afghan warlords forgive themselves!

Tribal Areas Reform in Pakistan

// A couple of months ago, the leadership of the tribal areas changed.  Governor Aurakzai, a former army general replaced Commander Khalil.  Aurakzai and tribal areas know each other well; besides being a tribesman himself, it was Aurakzai who led the army into the tribal areas in 2000; the first time that this happened inRead More »Tribal Areas Reform in Pakistan

The Current Crises in the Middle East

// A few days ago two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped; Israel charged the radical Hezbollah and Hamas radicals operating from Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine for this incident. The Israeli city of Haifa became the target of rocket attacks; subsequently, Israel launched preemptive military strikes against Palestinian targets and Lebanon. Many Palestinian, Lebanese and Israelis haveRead More »The Current Crises in the Middle East

Is poverty an ethical concept?

// John Wall, World Bank's country director, made a controversial observation in his article "Poverty in Pakistan", appearing in The News of 10th July, 2006.  He stated that poverty is an ethical and not a statistical concept. Is this a just a statement or is it the deliberate forerunner of a strategy to cover Pakistan'sRead More »Is poverty an ethical concept?

Implementation of Millennium Development Goals in NWFP, Pakistan

// The NWFP Government is holding its first development forum to discuss issues of economic growth and policy. This paper written for the Regional Institute of Policy Research & Training, Peshawar and presented to the forum raises important issues for deliberation. The United Nations decided through the Millennium Declaration, 2000 to halve poverty by 2015.Read More »Implementation of Millennium Development Goals in NWFP, Pakistan

Are we a failed state?

// The following recent happenings should make us pause and reflect; a joint secretary of the ministry of finance is slapped and beaten by a rude and uncultured parliamentary secretary from Punjab; an NWFP minister accompanied by his religious party workers enter a private wedding celebration at night and ask to interview the bridegroom toRead More »Are we a failed state?