khalid Aziz

Khalid Aziz is a former civil service officer, having more than 30 years experience with an outstanding service record in various jobs under the federal and provincial governments. He headed the NWFP Planning, Environment & Development Department for six years and played a major role in transforming NWFP. He also headed the province as its Chief Secretary. After government service he started his own development consultancy firm in 2003. He writes extensively on the region.

Are we a failed state?

// The following recent happenings should make us pause and reflect; a joint secretary of the ministry of finance is slapped and beaten by a rude and uncultured parliamentary secretary from Punjab; an NWFP minister accompanied by his religious party workers enter a private wedding celebration at night and ask to interview the bridegroom toRead More »Are we a failed state?

Changing relationships

// Recently the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made an offer of a peace and a non-aggression treaty to Pakistan. At the same time there are rumors of a possible settlement of the Siachin and Sir Creek dispute between India and Pakistan. The Indian Prime Minister warned that it would be a mistake to keepRead More »Changing relationships

Reforming the tribal areas

// In this news letter we analyze yet another attempt to deal with the issue of reform in the tribal areas. The President has formed three groups that are examining reform of the tribal areas. Mr. Imtiaz Sahibzada, former chief secretary of NWFP, is examining the strengthening of the institution of the political agent (PA).Read More »Reforming the tribal areas

About this & that

// We witnessed plenty of drama in the last couple of days. The first event was the visit of the most powerful man in the world  the US President. I was on a flight back from Lahore by an ancient 40 year old Fokker of the Pakistan International Airlines; we were forced to make anRead More »About this & that

Operations in Waziristan

// According to reports there have been heavy casualties from the recent army action in Miramshah, North Waziristan. Unconfirmed reports speak of 20 army dead and tribesmen claim that they have an equal number in custody; the tribal dead are thought to be more than 150, including women and children. The local clergy have givenRead More »Operations in Waziristan

Pakistan’s relations with Central Asian states in the perspective of energy depletion, economic & population growth & terrorism

// The concept of Peak Oil was explained in the context of the Hubbert  Curve. It showed that after peaking, fossil fuel was finishing rapidly. Alternate energy was not kicking in fast enough. Larger supply demand gaps and oil price hikes were inevitable, with black outs in the developed economies kicking in about 2015.  �     Pakistan must examine its relationshipRead More »Pakistan’s relations with Central Asian states in the perspective of energy depletion, economic & population growth & terrorism

Karzai’s complaint

// President Karzai in his recent visit to Pakistan gave a list of Taliban leaders, who he says are in Pakistan  mainly in NWFP and Baluchistan. President Musharraf says that this list is misinformation planted by Indian intelligence services. Pakistan, is thus in denial and if the lists are the work of the Indians thenRead More »Karzai’s complaint

Mass hysteria over cartoons

// On the call of the religious and other political parties, processions came out in Peshawar, on the 15th of Feb to protest against the insult to the dignity of the Prophet (PBUH) by the wretched cartoons. They began peacefully, but when they ended public property worth millions had been either burnt or destroyed. LootingRead More »Mass hysteria over cartoons