Khalid Aziz is a former civil service officer, having more than 30 years experience with an outstanding service record in various jobs under the federal and provincial governments. He headed the NWFP Planning, Environment & Development Department for six years and played a major role in transforming NWFP. He also headed the province as its Chief Secretary. After government service he started his own development consultancy firm in 2003. He writes extensively on the region.

Educational Background:

  • M.Phil, Development Studies, Wolfson College, Cambridge University, UK (1981),
  • Studied Politics, Philosophy & Economics, at Queen’s College, Oxford, UK (1967-69)
  • M.A Political Science, Peshawar University (1967)

Experience in government:

  • Headed for over 6 years a multi-disciplinary and multi sectoral planning team of more than100 officers for implementing a transformation plan for the province of NWFP and tribal areas of Pakistan (1990-96)
  • Formulated and executed poppy – substitution projects in NWFP and tribal areas (1992-94)
  • Led the team in creating and then implementing Sustainable Development policies for NWFP (1994-96)
  • Formulated Hydel and Mineral policies for Pakistan (1995)
  • Chief Negotiator for NWFP to the Indus Water Accord (1992)

Experience of consultancy work:

  • Reviewed in a report  ?Alignment of Poverty Policy Framework in NWFP?, future steps for NWFP’s poverty strategy (2006)
  • Reviewed the NWFP planning processes for a study, which was finally used by the World Bank in their Economic Report on NWFP (2005)
  • Proposed reforms in the SWISS assisted Livelihood Project in the poverty stricken region of D.I. Khan district in North West Frontier Province of Pakistan (2005)
  • Recommended capacity building for Pakistan’s Economics Affairs Division in collaboration with German Technical Assistance (2005)
  • Advised UN team as senior regional advisor in implementing out of country registration of voters & elections for the Afghan Presidency (2004)
  • Prepared and implemented mandate for converting the world’s largest refugee education project BEFARe (Basic education for Afghan refugees) into an NGO (2003)

NGO Activities:
Chairman, “Institute of Policy Research & Training, Peshawar”,  whose objectives are;

  • Rendering advice and recommendations to the Government based on objectively conducted policy research and analysis;
  • Working for peace and welfare of the people by increasing understanding and bridging opposing thoughts;
  • Researching and advocating appropriate conflict resolution mechanisms;
  • Importing training to build and enhance skills & capacities of public functionaries and non-governmental institutions in the areas of Finance, Development, Management, Governance and Conflict Resolutions;
  • Creating linkages with centers of learning and excellence in core areas for maximizing research and analysis impact;
  • Augmenting service standards in Education, Health, and Vocational and Environment sectors;
  • Designing Disaster and Emergency Management Policies and preparing Work Plans to mitigate calamitous sufferings;
  • Advocating democratic norms, basic human rights and issues of public importance through seminars, policy dialogues, workshop, focused group discussion, print and electronic media; and
  • Encouraging meaningful service delivery in its areas of operations by awarding prizes, medals, scholarship, grants, managing trusts and funds for this purpose and assisting charity and benevolence.

Papers and Publications:

  • Views on Government Reforms”, a report for Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Chairman, National Commission for Government Reform, Govt of Pakistan, 2006.
  • “Comments on Approach Paper on Strategic Directions to Achieve Development Vision 2030 for Pakistan”, a report prepared for the Planning Commission of Pakistan, 2006
  • “Is Poverty an Ethical Concept”, article  in The Statesman, Peshawar, July 2006.
  • “Implementation of Millennium Development Goals in NWFP, Pakistan”, article in The Statesman, Peshawar, 19th May, 2006.
  • Alignment of Poverty Policy Framework in NWFP”, study for IUCN & Govt of NWFP, Peshawar, July 2006
  • A Report on Policies & Practices in Public Sector Projects in the North West Frontier Province”, mimeo for the World Bank, Peshawar, Feb 2005,
  • “Meeting the Earthquake Challenge”, The News, Islamabad, 27/10/05,
  • “Earthquake’s aftermath”, The Statesman, Peshawar, 18/10/05
  •  “A View from NWFP”  in  “Provincial Autonomy: Problems and Politics of Federalism in Pakistan”, Ed Cheema, Pervaiz & Khan, Rashid , Islamabad Policy Research Institute, 2005.
  • “The Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) & administration of the Tribal Areas of Pakistan”, “Tribal Areas of Pakistan: Challenges & Responses”, edited by Pervaiz Iqbal Cheem & Maqsudul Hasan Nuri, Islamabad Policy Research Institute,  2004.
  • “Fallout of the Wana Operation.” Daily Dawn, Karachi, 7/08/04.
  • “Echoes from the Past: Dynamics of Change in Tribal Areas since 9/11” Defense Journal, Nov 2003, Karachi,
  • “Our Thinking Processes and the Dilemmas Confronting Pakistani State and Society “Defense Journal,” December 2003, Karachi,
  • “Tribal Areas in Future.” The Nation, Islamabad, 14/10/03.
  • In the Balance: Environment and Security in the NWFP”, Feb 2000; in association with Richard Mathew & Art Hanson IUCN, International Institute of Sustainable Development, Manitoba Canada & Cowater International INC
  • Paper for the Swiss Development Corporation Seminar, “How Community Participation & NGOs Raise Awareness for Sustainable Development in Pakistan “(1995).
  • “Environmental Problems of Pakistan,” team leader of the course paper & its presentation at Pakistan Administrative Staff College, Lahore,1994
  • Article “Environmental Issues & Problems in Pakistan’ in the Journal of Administration, Vol XXXI, Pakistan Administrative Staff College, Lahore, June 1994, No.1.
  • Paper presented to the Swiss Development Corporation sponsored Seminar on “Cooperation with Private Sector, Practical Experience, View from  NWFP”.
  • Numerous other policy papers for Government including privatization of Government functions, role of NGOs in community organizations etc, 1994
  • “Aiding Under-Development” paper for National Institute of Public Administration, Peshawar, 1986
  •  “Development Planning in NWFP” M.Phil thesis Cambridge(1981).
  • “Tribal Policy” (1976),  mimeograph, circulated within Government
  •  Numerous other articles in newspapers & journals

Cricket; played for Peshawar University; played against England in 1966; played for Authentic, Oxford 1968.
Golf;  Senior Vice President NWFP Golf Association & Vice President Pakistan Golf Federation.
Squash; Vice President of Pakistan Squash Federation.